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My anxiety self help

have had anxiety for a large part of my life, however only recently have I managed to understand what helps and what doesn’t. This does not mean every day is anxiety free. Constant mental health management can be exhausting…

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Memories of a Yatra

To take part in a yatra is an important part of the yoga tradition. It is to go on a pilgrimage to a place of spiritual significance. For practitioners of Ashtanga yoga, travelling to Mysore India…

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When we embark on the journey of learning the Ashtanga yoga sequence of asanas, invariably along the way we come into contact with asanas that we don’t really like. In fact, there could be a range of responses from mild distaste, to intense dislike to downright dread.

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How Yoga Helps Kids Develop Focus

Developing focus and concentration can be a little tricky for children. We all know little ones have limited attention spans. Let’s face it, most adults today can barely focus for more than a few minutes because of how we are consumed with external stimuli.

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Reflections on Yin Yoga

When I feel my body asking for me to listen…..I make time and space to be with Yin practice. I shower, collect cushions, props, tissues, silence my phone.

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Walking the Tightrope

Today I stepped back on the mat after almost a week and a half. After a week of tonsillitis (practising with fever is definitely not advised!) and then my cycle I couldn’t wait to “begin again.”

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What makes someone a good yoga practitioner?

When Ashtanga yoga is practiced in the Mysore style, students of all levels of ability practice alongside each other. And even though they share the same sequence of postures, the differences in their physical practices are apparent.

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When I first heard the word Mysore – I thought it had something to do with “My sore…hamstrings!”. I later found out that this is the name of the city in South India from where the practice originates. Now in Ashtanga yoga schools around the world, “Mysore-style” …

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Practice Makes Perfect

To begin, we all know that repetition is the foundation of both physical and mental growth – that what we repeatedly do and think become who we are. In any area where we are passionate – whether work, relationships, sports, or even hobbies – we realize the importance of committing ourselves to regular practice.

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