Name: Julie Maeng

Profession: Previously a hotel sales manager & ESL teacher, now I am a full-time mom.

Other interests: Golf, Wine

How long have you been practicing yoga?
I started yoga in 2015 due to severe back pain. I couldn’t bend my back and had consistent pain and numbness in my legs. My doctor suggested a surgery, however I refused and wanted to try yoga instead. After one year, a friend introduced me to Ashtanga yoga and I’ve been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since then.

What classes at Nilaya House do you attend?
I attend the Ashtanga Mysore classes.

Why do you practice yoga? What benefits does it bring?
Yoga has many benefits mentally and physically. Yoga gives me a calm, refreshed, and grounded mind as well as strength in my body. The biggest benefit of yoga for me, is pain management. I control my back & neck pain through daily yoga practice and it helps me a lot. Now I am able to play other sports and enjoy daily life. I experienced that yoga relaxes tight muscles, corrects posture, and aligns your body. In that way, it helps you release your pain and brings vitality to your life.

What is your favorite posture and why?
I love most postures in the primary series as it gives me power after the practice.

What’s your advice for people wanting to start yoga?
I would like to especially advise someone who is in physical pain. First, start yoga every day – slowly and gently with deep breathing. Second, follow your certified teacher’s instructions and listen to your body rhythm.  Finally, do not obsess with asana, enjoy your movement. Hope yoga changes your life as it did mine!