Nilaya House helped a lot for people connect with online yoga even during lockdown. Thanks a lot Nilaya House.

The online yoga classes at Nilaya House were awesome. It feels like you’re in the shala because the teacher is there so you’re pushed to do more or to do the asana properly and are given verbal cues that help your practice as well but at the same time your in the comfort of your own home.

Online yoga classes at Nilaya House have offered more flexibility with regards to time management. Also financially it has offered more accessibility. I have been able to attend more variety of sessions that I would not have been able to before.

I have been attending superb online yoga classes with Aparajita on Zoom. They have been a lifeline during lockdown.

I am so grateful for this option during this time. It has also given me the opportunity to do more new yoga classes online.

I think personally a mix of 1-2 online yoga classes and 3-4 physical classes a week would be perfect.

The online yoga classes at Nilaya House have been a surprisingly good experience

During the shala closure, online yoga classes were great to support the practice and keep the community together.

The online yoga classes at Nilaya House are very good. Well organised.

I joined online yoga classes at Nilaya House when living in Dubai and I joined only one time online classes during the Covid breakdown. as I live in Ras al khaimah it would a relief for me to know that I can join again anytime I can the classes online.

I’m new to Nilaya house and have enjoyed the opportunity to participate in new online yoga classes. I normally travel quite a bit so would be excellent to have access to pre recorded classes to accommodate time difference etc but still practice.

The online yoga classes turned out much better than expected. Teachers were very engaged and managed successfully to give instructions and corrections to students. I had a chance to attend classes, discover more, and I wouldn’t have done that if it wasn’t for the online yoga zoom classes..

Well done on offering such variation of online yoga classes. All my online yoga classes have started on time been informative and very professional. Thank you.

Online yoga classes at Nilaya House – Love them!

Having these online yoga classes have been amazing for me as I no longer live in Dubai.

The online yoga classes at Nilaya House have so far been very positive

Overall it’s been a good experience doing the yoga classes online.

The online yoga classes have been fantastic, thank you.

The online yoga classes at Nilaya House were the best part of the day during quarantine