Name: Wesam Kattan
Profession: VP of Content at GENOMEDIA Studios
Other interests: Cooking, Script Development, Off-roading (beginner)

How long have you been practising yoga?
I started sporadically in 2018, and my interest peaked in September 2019 when I visited Nepal. As soon as I came back to Dubai, I started looking for the right place and instructor. It was only on January 1st, 2020 that I felt that I had found it once I had attended the New Year’s ashtanga session at Nilaya house with Nea…I knew then, that this was the right spot!

What classes at Nilaya House do you attend?
I am currently learning Ashtanga Yoga through the Mysore class in the shala, and I am also doing my occasional Full and New moon meditation and breathwork sessions.

Why do you practice yoga? What benefits does it bring?
To me, it felt like the most natural way to keep fit, but once I started practicing I quickly noticed the immediate and long term effects. The days where I couldn’t practice, I find myself lacking energy compared to days where I actually make it to practice. What’s more profound, I noticed, is the overall impact on your life once you have managed to achieve a long stretch of consistent practice.

What is your favourite posture and why?
It’s very hard for me to pick one, or any for that matter. I like the sixth movement “shath”, downward facing dog – because it always reminds me of the progress of my journey. In the sense that, every time I think I have perfected it, I find another dimension to it, so to speak, that helps me improve it further. The ‘warrior pose’ always gives me the sense that I can carry whatever load in life, no matter how heavy it is. The extended triangle pose is also a favorite because I feel it brings me balance – not just in the physical sense 🙂

What’s your advice for people wanting to start yoga?
It’s about consistency. Don’t expect magic right away, the magic will come with discipline – the single most important lesson I am learning through my journey.