Ashtanga Yoga is a powerful tool for self-transformation. It is suitable for all ages, body types and fitness levels. The Ashtanga yoga sequence is based on “vinyasa” – breath movement synchronisation. This warms the body, resulting in sweat, the removal of toxins and the purification of the body, mind and nervous system. Practitioners develop strength, flexibility, stamina and an overall sense of wellbeing.


These one hour sessions are ideal those who are either new to Ashtanga yoga or those with some experience wanting to learn more. The classes wlll cover breathing, surya namaskars, foundational standing postures, some seated and finishing postures, as well as an introduction to the philosophy and methodology of Ashtanga yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga Mysore-style Classes

This is where students are taught the Ashtanga yoga sequence individually within a group setting. Postures are taught sequentially allowing students to develop at a pace that is suitable for each individual. This makes it ideal for those new to yoga or those with specific physical/health conditions. The first session will last 30-40mins, gradually increasing to an hour or more. Suitable for all levels including complete beginners. Students can attend at any time during the specified time period. We recommend students attend a minimum of three Mysore classes a week. Drop-ins are not accepted except for out-of-town students.

Please contact Nea before attending the Mysore class to discuss your practice intention.


Students are counted through the Ashtanga Yoga primary series as a group. Open to all levels.


Incorporating yoga asana, pranayama (breath-work) relaxation and meditation, these classes are perfect for beginners and also beneficial to all levels including the more advanced practitioner who may at times benefit from a more gentle and grounded practice.

Iyengar Yoga – All Levels

This class is open to all levels of yoga practitioners from a raw beginner to the regular practitioner. In this class, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of the Iyengar yoga method that lays strong emphasis on sequencing and alignment. Iyengar Yoga offers a safe and systematic progression of yoga study. The frequent use of props such as belts, blocks etc helps students practice each asana to the best of their ability.


Taught by a certified birth doula, these prenatal yoga classes will incorporate birth breathing techniques as well as a sequence of yoga asanas, repeated week-to-week. The class will help in maintaining and building strength through the pregnancy, relieving pregnancy-associated discomfort as well preparing physically and mentally for birth. Suitable for women from the second trimester onwards with doctors clearance.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga, as its name implies, helps the body rest, heal and restore balance. A typical class has no more than 5 yoga poses, each of them is held for a long period of time with the assistance and extensive use of yoga props to support the body. The use of props helps to find the best opening available and then we finally fully relax and focus on the breath, letting go of any tension in the body and mind.

External stimulation is minimized and movement is kept to the bare essential. You are then guided to slowly come out of the pose, and proceed mindfully to the next one and so on, until the final relaxation pose known as Savasana.


Yin Yoga is best experienced. Yin is a place of learning about one’s body and its connection with the mind and emotional well-being. Using very simple Yoga poses, we invite stillness and release over time.

You will be guided once in these poses to notice breath, thoughts and any sense of calm or turbulence that can often arise from our embodiment practice.Yin is a holistic practice of taking responsibility for your health, using connection and compassion.

The Yoga poses we use are accessible to all kinds of bodies as there is a multitude of modifications.

This candlelight practice is often woven along with music, poetry or silence.


Yoga Nidra — also known as ‘conscious sleep’ is a guided meditation which is practised lying down on the mat in Savasana, with eyes closed. Following the verbal guidance of the class facilitator, Yoga Nidra systematically takes you into deep brainwave states – ‘’mind-awake-body asleep’’. It is a deeply relaxing, restorative, and rejuvenating practice with a multitude of benefits, including reduced stress levels and better sleep, and it can gently rewire the brain for improved mental and emotional balance. Every class starts with a warm-up of light exercise and energy balancing techniques, followed by a 40 – 45 minute meditation. Simply lie down and listen.


Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® is called the Yoga of Awareness. It is a dynamic, powerful tool that is designed to give you an experience of your soul. The class consists of a kriya (set of exercises) and a meditation. Kriyas and meditations include asanas (postures), conscious breathing, mudras (hand gesture), mantras (sound vibrations), meditation, Savasana (relaxation).