Name: Rikke Ebel Nielsen
Profession: Life coach and aspiring yoga teacher
Other interests: taking care of the family and charity work.

How long have you been practising yoga?
Five years

What classes at Nilaya house do you attend?
Mysore morning classes and I finished the Yoga Institute teacher training in December 2021.

Why do you practice yoga? What benefits does it bring to you?
Yoga is making me healthier and happier. I feel on a cellular level that this is good for me. It is connecting me with intuition and peace.

What is your favourite posture and why?
I do not have a favourite posture but my favourite experience in yoga is when I can connect with my breath, get into a meditative state, feel my body and surrender into that.

What’s your advice for people wanting to start yoga?
Connect with your breath in every posture to get the full benefits. Book a private session first if the shala or studio is too intimidating. You are doing this for you, don’t worry about what you look like or if you fit in. All people can benefit from yoga and there are modifications to suit students with injuries.

Anything else you would like to share about your yoga journey.
Yoga started as an exercise for me, but it has evolved into a lifestyle. It has and continues to change my habits, my connections and my choices. It provides clarity and gives strategies to help with obstacles.