Name: Marijana Nikolova
Profession: Purchasing Manager
Other interests: Hiking, mental health, world current affairs

How long have you been practising yoga?
7 years.

What classes at Nilaya House do you attend?
Primarily Ashtanga, but I have also had a sneak-peek into Iyengar and Yin as well.

Why do you practice yoga? What benefits does it bring?
Apart from the obvious improved sleeping and eating habits, stress management, mental and physical wellbeing, yoga also taught me patience, discipline and letting go. The deeper I dive into yoga practice the more I truly understand how much more than a physical practice yoga really is.

What is your favourite posture and why?
Backbending postures. They always bring me to the present moment, remind me to breathe and centre myself.

What’s your advice for people wanting to start yoga?
Start without any expectations of how “well” you can do a posture and if you can touch your toes or not, stay disciplined and allow things to unfold.