Name: Lara Cattan
Profession: Well-being and success coach, inner child and energy healer as we all as a wellness business consultant.
Other interests: I’m a very passionate cat-lover.

How long have you been practising yoga?
I’ve been practicing yoga for 8 years. However in the past 6.5 years I’ve focused on the Ashtanga Yoga discipline.

What classes at Nilaya House do you attend?
Mainly Ashtanga yoga. However, I occasionally attend the Iyengar, Kundalini and yin yoga classes as well.

Why do you practice yoga? What benefits does it bring?
There are a lot of reasons why I practice yoga, but I find that it generally brings me calmness and focus in the mind along with strength, flexibility and vitality in the body. There are a lot of lessons and wisdom one can draw from practicing yoga such as, letting go of the struggle and slowly training the mind to be equanimous with what is.

What is your favourite posture and why?
My favorite asanas are the Surya Namaskars as they build strength. There is something about that flow that makes me feel free in my own body. I do also love drop backs, not only because they have challenged me a lot mentally and physically, but also because I’ve felt the heart open and I’ve felt as though spaciousness has been created in the front part of the body as an effect of the effort.

What’s your advice for people wanting to start yoga?
Just do it. Accept yourself for where you are and just start practicing, with constant effort you’ll feel the benefits of the practice matter what level of strength or flexibility you’re currently at.