Dear Nilaya House friends,

The beautiful weather is here as well as the Dubai Fitness Challenge. There are many outdoor events happening all across the city. We’ll be running a yin yoga course designed specially for those regularly in physical training.

We’re also excited to host Cathy Darnell in the shala for an introduction to Energy medicine session. Catch Cathy’s astrology updates on our instagram (@nilayahouse) every new and full moon.

It’s the last chance for this year to join an Intro to Ashtanga evening course. If you are are thinking of restarting yoga next year, maybe you can get a head start with this!

Yours in Yoga,


Introduction to Energy Medicine with Cathy Darnell

Friday November 20

Everything that is alive pulsates with energy and all of this energy contains information.

The Universal Source of energy is available to all, all the time. Learning how to consciously tap into this source is free to all 24 hours a day.

Learning to listen and feel the bodies pulse and natural rhythm, using the breath and fingers and touch in certain locations on the body is the foundation to self-help and self -study.

In this session we will focus on Meridian health and some simple tools to help to harmonize the body for mental, physical, spiritual and immune health and vitality.


Yin Yoga for Athletes with Amanda Smith
Four-week course
Wednesdays 6:15-7:15pm
Starts November 4

Stressing our Yang tissues with regular exercise includes: running, weightlifting, swimming and similar other activities. To allow for change, we need to rest.

In walks Yin Yoga! Yin is a practice of conscience rest within intensity, in which we have the potential for our internal world to recover and recuperate.

What happens? We put our bodies into a basic shape. We remain in stillness. Over time the body will respond to the stillness… at times entering a deep restful state. Other times, the physical intensity will be dominant… we return the mind to being present… training focus.

Every session we will take a whole body approach.This practice is simple and accessible to ALL bodies. No experience needed. Ideal for those currently involved in a heavy training schedule.


Buddhist Meditation Course with Camilio Cerro

Four-week course
Online via Zoom
Saturdays 6:00-7:00pm
Starts November 7

(NH students may attend classes as part of their NH membership)

Week One: What is Meditation?
Week Two: Anapanasati (Breath Awareness)
Week Three: Body Scan techniques
Week Four: Thong Len (heart-centered practice)
Week Five: Technique refinement and consolidationThe class will consist of a 30 minute theory lecture followed by 20-30 minutes of practical meditation.


Intro to Ashtanga Yoga Course (Evenings)
Three-week course (Two-sessions per week)
Sundays & Tuesdays
Starts November 8

This course is the ideal preparation for attending self-practice classes (Mysore-style) on a regular basis. Suitable for beginners to yoga or those new to the Ashtanga method or anyone wanting a refresh.



Ashtanga Yoga Appreciation Program
January – June 2021


A six-month program covering Ashtanga Yoga practice and philosophy. Open to students of all levels.

Designed for students looking for an immersion into Ashtanga Yoga under the guidance of an authorised teacher.

Friday Workshops (once a month)

Philosophy Lecture; Samkhaya Philosophy & Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (11:00-12:30pm)

Practical Workshop; Review of asanas techniques & correct vinyasa count (1:00-3:00pm)

Workshops will be live-streamed for any students living outside of Dubai or unable to join in live. Workshop recordings will be accessible for 14 days after the date, in case of travel etc.