Dear Nilaya House friends,

We invite you to attend a special outdoor Ashtanga Yoga class on March 12 to support the global event Yoga Stops Traffick.

This event raises awareness of human trafficking and supports the Odanadi Seva Trust in Mysore, India which does amazing work rehabilitating young women and children rescued from this horrific industry.

The class will be held OUTSIDE in front of the Nilaya House (within the warehouse complex). It is open to students of all levels including beginners, so invite your friends and let’s make this a big event in support of this worthy cause.

Register here (AED50)

Thank you for your support.


Dance of Devotion –¬†Shivratri Dance Performance
Thursday March 11

Join us for a classical Indian dance performance on the occasion of Shivratri, an Indian festival celebrating Shiva’s cosmic dance of creation, preservation and destruction.

The performance will be presented by dancers from Moving Mudras. The evening will also include a talk by Payal Barua on the symbolism of Shiva and Shakti.


Structural Breathing Part 2 with Rangaji Ramachandran
Friday March 19

As an extension from part 1, this workshop will focus on deeper aspects of abdominal breathing and this time connecting with the pelvic diaphragm. This is the base for stable and long duration practice of yogic breath manipulation techniques.

– Learn abdomino-pelvic connection to further your breath practices.
– Deeper ratios of holding the breath
– Asanas to improve the breathing specifically focused on the ribs and it’s structure

For regular yoga practitioners


It’s All in the Legs – Online Masterclass with Aparajita Ghose

An exploration on how the legs affect all the categories of asanas

Saturday March 27



Guruji BKS Iyengar said that we must learn to stand on our feet before we try to stand on our head. This online workshops will explore;

– How using the legs correctly can affect all categories of asana, standing, twists, forward and back-bends and inversions.

– Often due to other activities including sports our legs develop in ways which can affect the rest of the body causing hip or knee pain. We will learn how to practise in order to create balance and avoid injury, which will affect other activities.

– How working the legs and keeping them strong also benefits us as we age.

– The legs energetically connect to the base of the spine. When we strengthen the roots we feel more grounded.

Open to all yoga practitioners. Online via zoom.