Asana & Dharana
with Aparajita Ghose

Sunday October 1
12:00pm – 2:00pm

Join Aparajita for an Iyengar yoga class followed by a guided meditation practice.

According to Yogic philosophy the life force of the body flows through nadis or channels. Due to our habit patterns of life and how we think we can often get fixed in holding our self in one way, meaning the flow of energy gets stuck or imbalanced.

In the practice of Asanas the body is stimulated in different ways, taken through different ranges of movement to balance the flow of energy. As the flow-circulation is improved, we usually feel better and more grounded in our body.

When our body is more balanced, sitting down to focus or centering our attention on one object becomes easier. It is for this reason that doing an Asana & Dharana session is useful.

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