When I feel my body asking for me to listen…..I make time and space to be with Yin practice.
I shower, collect cushions, props, tissues, silence my phone.
My Body has already started to highlight areas that need love and attention by creating sensations, that are not uncomfortable….. maybe to simply let me know.
I prepare blankets on the floor as I’m no longer confined by a rubber rectangular mat.
I become aware of my breath and expand it, almost getting ready for some big sighs that need to release. I close my eyes.
I’m in.
Just me.
Did I silence my phone? Yes…. back in.
Sensing twitches and mini jolts as I sway clunkily, asking to be led.
Some days I’m drawn downwards and some days pulled skybound.
This day I’m drawn to hold myself, to drape my hands onto tight shoulder tops, where my first deep exhalation finds my chin fallen towards my chest, self love.
Did I silence my….?
Without thoughts to encourage tears, my eyes water voluntarily and I realise it’s been too long, and I’m sorry.
Teetering, swaying, holding myself I start the process of unraveling.

Like moving through water I make my way smoothly and childlike to the floor where I continue to listen and be drawn to places that look nothing like Yoga. I rest here in trust.
And then come the thoughts.
And then comes the emotion.
Being guided by this vessel, truths are revealed to me, to look directly at. I soften my body. I soften my thoughts, I receive any emotion.

Being with all of what is being sensed I sigh.
I’m home.
I’m connected.

Sometimes anger, sometimes joy, sometimes boredom, I am with all of it. Right there.

I’m home.
I’m connected.