Yin Yoga and Tibetan singing bowls
with Purva Kaushal

Saturday June 18

This magical workshop is an offering of an accessible series of Yin yoga poses dedicated to your Chakras or energy centers synchronized with the serene sounds and deep vibrations of Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Using long-held yielding yin postures, Purva will guide you into a space within; to enhance the free flow of prana or Chi throughout your body by directly stimulating the nadis or channels of energy to bring balance and harmony in your seven energy portals or Chakras.

Sound healing is an extremely powerful and non-intrusive method to release stress and reduce physical pain. This combination opens the possibility for tension and energy stagnation that accumulates over time to be released through the energy centers.

If you are new to Yin Yoga, this workshop will provide a wonderful introduction to this nourishing practice. It’s a gentle form of yoga where passive floor-based asanas are held in a relaxed state for 3 to 5 minutes at a time. These long holds and slow pace are deeply nourishing- by emphasizing passive stress on the deep connective tissues, Yin Yoga is therapeutically used to improve flexibility and mobilize and strengthen our joints, ligaments, and deep fascial networks.

Nilaya House - Yin Yoga and Tibetan singing bowls with Purva Kaushal