30Hrs. Restorative Yoga
Teacher Training Course
with Joanne Smallwood

YACEP (30 hours)

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Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Course with Joanne Smallwood
April 12-16, 2023
10:30am – 5:30pm

Topics covered will include

  • The art of teaching Restorative Yoga
  • Reading bodies and making adjustments
  • Propping the postures
  • Polyvagal Theory and it’s role in Restorative Yoga
  • Physiology of the Relaxation Response
  • The physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of Restorative Yoga
  • Special poses for menstruation
  • How to sequence and teach a group Restorative Yoga class
  • Practical teaching experience with feedback
  • How to use Restorative Yoga with your 1:1 clients


  • Yoga teachers who have a completed a YA 200-hr Yoga Training
  • Dedicated practitioners can also attend upon discussion with Joanne


  • AED2750



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Joanne has been teaching Restorative Yoga since 2012 and has earned Certified Level 1 Relax and Renew Trainer with Judith Lasater.

Joanne has been a devoted yoga practitioner since her early twenties and has taught internationally for over 17 years.

After completing her Teacher Training in 2005 at The Downward Dog Yoga Centre in Toronto, she traded the infamous Canadian winters for warmer shores of India, where she spent 12 years practicing, learning and teaching.

She is an experienced and creative Vinyasa Flow teacher and is known for classes that are fluid and dynamic. She has a deep understanding and appreciation for the quieter yoga systems that guide the body into states of profound rest such as Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Sound Mediation.


“It’s been really fantastic to do a training with Joanne and in the beautiful setting of Nilaya House which is just such a lovely place to practice and to learn.

It’s been amazing not only learning how to teach a restorative class but also experiencing these restorative postures for ourselves.

Having a chance every day to do a restorative class has been fantastic.

I think it’s something we all need in this current world, learning how to relax fully and deeply and it’s something I’m looking forward to passing on to my students as well.”

Lillian Mirsafavi

“This training changed my life forever and will do so for the future as well.

I discovered yoga many years ago and I had a major injury in my lumbar spine so specifically, this restorative practice brings so much comfort to my spine and to my whole body, especially my mind which is always busy worrying being a mom.

This practice of restorative helps me to just be in contact with myself to find that peace that I really need.”

Roxana Dragoi

“Hi! My name is Mariam and I have just completed the Restorative Yoga teacher training with Joanne Smallwood at Nilaya House and I have had such a deeply nourishing time learning different poses and practices to support the parasympathetic nervous system and learning how to really feel safe enough to melt and

These last few days have been such a wonderful opportunity for me to experience what it feels to truly be dropped into my body and to live in a present space and for this reason, I highly recommend this practice and this training for anyone who is really looking to either really support themselves or to support other students or people in their community in learning the art of deep relaxation.”

Mariam AlQassimi

“I’m so happy that I got the chance to do this training in person.

Leaning via online or reading books is like a wonderful way to start getting into the practice but really when it comes to working with all the different props, having the hands-on experience and also trying with different types of students is just absolutely invaluable.

So, I’m really thrilled that I got to do this training.”

Nea Ferrier