The Big Silent Still

Saturday October 3

How have the passed few months been for you emotionally – mentally – physically? When was the last time you were in quiet surroundings, not looking at your phone/computer? Have you checked in with how you are REALLY doing lately?
If these questions peaked your interest, or made you feel like avoiding all of the above, this long session may well be for you.

This edition of the The Big Still will be held mainly in silence. The lack of music and talking invites our attention within. A moment in time to reflect and feel how we are.

There will be guidance for simple poses, and whilst silence will descend externally, we commence the internal adventure. Practising Yin can help us let our worries be, it can assist in seeing things how they really are.

For those of you consenting to touch, Thai Massage and hands-on assists will be applied intuitively.

Yin Yoga and Nine levels of Awareness