Self Inquiry & Awareness
Meditation Course

A four-week programme
Tuesday 7:30-8:45pm
April 13, 20, 27, May 4



Know yourself, become aware and unlock abundant possibilities

Week One – an introduction to awareness
An interactive session to know yourself and the source of our being. A time to relax and discover peace within. A key to being well and at ease.

Week Two – Living free
A dynamic shift to perceiving life and unlocking abundance. A new way of approach to life and possibilities.

Week Three – Universal compassion
The joy of interaction and coexistence.

Week Four – Meditation
A practice to stay peaceful and present.

Yin Yoga and Nine levels of Awareness

About Venkatesh

Venkatesh has been a seeker, studying teachings of various traditions. Taking to devotion and practicing japa (repetition of a name) initially, Venkatesh continued to understand influences of masters in the non-duality lineage about self and awareness, while working for a long time in the travel trade in India and UAE. A new perspective to live life as it happens gave him a sense of peace and liberation. Venkatesh’s class is interactive, allowing participants to recognize themselves in an environment free of concepts and judgement, along with practices to be peaceful and comfortable.