Sanskrit Alphabet & Chanting Course
with Lakshya

Four sessions
Tuesdays & Thursdays for two weeks
December 8,10,15,17

Online Via Zoom (recordings available)


1. Sanskrit Alphabet:
– Understanding where the sound is originated and how to create it
– Correct Pronunciation of each letter
– Examples for each letter, mostly using Asana names or other common Sanskrit words/ words found in chants

2. Chanting:
– Put the Sanskrit sounds into practice and go over a few popular chants, with a focus on the pronunciation

Who is this for
– Yoga teachers wanting to gain confidence in Sanskrit pronunciation
– Students wanting to deepen their understanding of yoga

About Lakshya

Lakshya is a teacher of Yoga, Vedanta, Chanting and Sanskrit. She has been living in India since 2010 where she was inspired to dive deep into the teachings and lived for three years in an ashram with her guru Swami Dayananda Saraswati. Thereafter she moved to Mumbai where she settled down and continued to teach through classes and retreats. She regularly visits her second home, Dubai, where she grew up.