Pelvic Care for Women
with Rangaji Ramachandran

Friday April 30


We often don’t give enough attention to the most important element in the human body. That is the pelvic bones or the cavity. Especially in women, it has a multitude of roles, like center of gravity during pregnancy, and other subtle and very important roles such as the alignment of spine.

When out of alignment it can be the cause of headaches and other discomforts along the spine.

For this reason the ancient Yogis created many asanas or postures that surround the pelvis function.

What you will learn:

  • basics of pelvic positioning – 3 Axis movement principle.
  • how is this connected to the core strength – core extends beyond abdomen
  • assessing and understanding how the pelvis is out of alignment
  • exercises to work on each individual issue that is identified
  • integration of Neutral Pelvis in Yoga
  • a healthy interaction to explore issues that come out of the discussion and how exercises can be tailored to that individual
  • use of resistance bands for hip strength

After this workshop, one will have an idea of what is a neutral pelvis position, for the not only the yoga session but also to carry this awareness through the day.

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