Moving Meditation
Breath, Bandhas & Surya Namaskar Masterclass

with Level 2 authorised teacher Nea Ferrier


Saturday January 22
3:00 PM – 5:30 PM

15% discount for NH members
Join Nea Ferrier for this in-depth masterclass on the breathing technique used in Ashtanga Yoga including cultivating awareness of uddiyana & mula bandhas.

The session will explore the syncrohnisation of breath and movement (known as vinyasa) through surya namaskar, which opens the Ashtanga Yoga Practice.

This will include reviewing the Sanskrit count for surya namaskar, alignment of the individual postures that make up the sequence as well as how to incorporate the tristana methodology so as to experience surya namaskar as a moving meditation.

The masterclass is open to students of all levels, including beginners or anyone wanting to develop a better understanding of breath, bandhas and the potency of surya namaskar as a foundation for the overall practice.

Nilaya House - Nea Ferrier upward dog asana - Moving Meditation Breath, Bandhas and Surya Namaskar Masterclass