King & Queen of Asanas Workshop
with Aparajita Ghose

Shoulderstand & Headstand (Sarvangasana & Sirsasana)
Friday May 7



In his book Light on Yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar writes ‘ If Sarvangasana is the Mother then Sirsasana may be regarded as the Father of all asanas. And just as both parents are needed for peace and harmony at home, so the practise of these asanas is essential to keep the body healthy and the mind tranquil and peaceful.’

In this two-hour workshop we will learn

  • how to practise both these important asanas according to the Iyengar Yoga system
  • modified versions of the poses using props such as ropes and chairs
  • safety tips and alternatives to practise with similar effects during menstruation
  • benefits and importance of building these two asanas into your daily practice
  • Suitable for regular yoga practitioners
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