Four-week Course with Dima Wadjih

7:45 – 9:00pm
May 4 – 25

AED525 for full programme
or AED150 per session

Join pranayama teacher Dima to learn effective techniques for breathing in daily life and during yoga practice.

These sessions will cover:

  • How to breathe functionally to optimize oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange in your body, which supports the proper functioning of your respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems
  • Respiratory anatomy, nose versus mouth breathing, nitric oxide’s therapeutic role, and the importance of oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • Techniques to improve physical performance, enhance sleep quality, relax, increase concentration, and boost energy
  • Principles of good breathing in physical poses (asanas) to enhance respiratory biomechanics and diaphragm movement
  • A variety of breathing techniques such as three-part breath, breath retention and nadi shodhana

About Dima

Dima Wadjih
Dima is a yoga and breathwork teacher, whose teachings are rooted in yogic traditions. She has received extensive training from some of the world’s leading yoga and breath masters. Dima is currently completing a training program with Patrick McKeown and Anastasis Tzanis, further deepening her understanding of the science and power of the breath.