Cooling Iyengar Yoga Asana Practice
with Aparajita Ghose

Saturday 17 September

Iyengar Yoga considers that our practice needs to change and adapt to the environment. During the hot summer months, it might be difficult to do an active energetic practice.

It is therefore important to practise asanas that boost our internal air conditioning and help in cooling down the body temperature on hot days. To do this, we need to know which asanas have a heating effect and which asanas belong to the category of cooling asanas.

In this workshop, we will practise and understand which asanas have a cooling effect. Using supports for inversions like chairs, bolsters, bricks and belts helps us to sustain the pose longer. Supported Sarvangasana is particularly helpful for the hot months. You can stay in this cooling pose much longer with the support of a chair. The overall effect of the practice is a sense of cool and calm to weather the heat.

Open to students of all levels.