The Breath

Life is defined by breath. The first breath and last breath, and all in between. The quality of the breath depends on the body and the mind. When we are on a relaxed state we can breathe all the way to the belly or in fact anywhere we choose.

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So What is Restorative Yoga?

Our energy is affected by many external factors and life pulls and pushes us in many ways. The relationships that bring us love and joy can also cause us pain and worry, the work responsibilities that offer pride and satisfaction can also lead to stress and burn out.

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The Mind & Meditation

We can feed the mind, just as we feed the body. Feed the mind positive and happy thoughts and our mind responds in kind, feed the mind negative actions and thoughts and we feel drained and exhausted.

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Yoga Practice for Children

As adults, perhaps we tend to forget what it was like to be a child. We do remember having a lot more energy, being more mobile and perhaps remember having wild imaginations and a constant craving for something sweet.

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