January 23-29, 2023

This 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training is designed for teachers and practitioners interested in understanding more about fascia, its connection to our yin yoga practice and how to intelligently manipulative this connective tissue to improve mobility, chi flow and overall health.

This specialised programme will unpack the latest fascia research and findings, whilst also covering the practical aspects of how to practice and teach yin yoga, myofascial release techniques – as well as the integration of these two modalities, known as MyoYin.

The functional anatomy component of this training will focus on the spine. Anatomy labs will be set up to allow students to carry out range of motion tests, so as to analyse anatomical variations and natural bio-mechanics – learning to skilfully apply our observations and insights, into pose modifications.

The training will be split into three parts:

  • Fascia Studies & Myofascial Release (Theory & Practice)
  • Yin Yoga and MyoYin (Techniques & Teaching Methods)
  • Functional Anatomy (Spine)


This training is suitable for all levels. No pre-requisite is required. This training is designed for students and teachers who are interested in learning about yin yoga, functional anatomy, fascia, myofascial techniques and incorporating this modality into their practice and teaching.

Daily Schedule:

  • Seven days intensive
    (6.5 hours/day x 7 = 45.5 contact hours + 4.5hrs homework/self-study)
  • Morning Session: 10:00am – 1:00pm
  • Afternoon Session: 2:00pm – 5:30pm

**A set of myofascial release balls will be provided and is included in the tuition fee


Students who attend 100% of the training will receive a 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training certificate, from Yintelligence School of Yin & Functional Yoga. These training hours can be added towards your Continuing Education with the Yoga Alliance.


AED 3995 before October 31
AED 4440 while spots last

Trial Yin Yoga Class and Q&A Sessions, with Nicky Hadjithoma

For students looking to participate in the upcoming Yintelligence 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training, with Nicky Hadjithoma, we are pleased to offer you two free online trial classes.

Each class will be 60 mins long + 15 mins optional Q&A session.

Join Nicky live on Zoom, to have a chance to meet, connect and ask any questions you might have about the upcoming yin yoga teacher training.

Sat, October 8th – 4pm – Introduction to Functional Yin

This class will introduce the functional approach to yoga, developed by yin yoga founder Paul Grilley. We will look at why and how skeletal variation impacts our practice and how to skillfully accommodate our unique physicality, in order to find the shape that delivers the functional objective of the pose. Expect alignment cues to be vetoed, instead opting for function over aesthetics.

Sat October 22nd – 4pm – Introduction to MyoYin

Experience the combination of myofascial release ball techniques, with long-held passive yin yoga stretches, known as MyoYin. This unique modality is designed to manipulate the fascial system, helping to release tension, increase mobility, improve circulation and enhance overall performance. Expect to roll, release and relax, improving the overall integrity of the tissues, leaving you feeling more supple and rejuvenated, from the inside, out.

About Nicky

Nilaya House - Yin Yoga TTC - Nicy - Headshot
Nicky Hadjithoma is a senior international yin yoga teacher, known for her role as the Lead Yin Yoga Trainer at Asia’s largest yoga studio group, Pure Yoga. Nicky is the long-term Primary Teaching Assistant to Yin Yoga pioneer, Jo Phee. Having been personally mentored by Jo for close to a decade, she is fully endorsed to teach the Paul Grilley method. Her teachings are informed by a keen interest in Western anatomy, Eastern philosophy and psycho-spiritual development. She weaves together scientific research with her own insights and personal experience to offer various integrated practices and methodologies that enliven students to embark on their own healing path and support that of those around them.



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