4-Week Pranayama Course
with Purva Kaushal


Thursdays 11:15am or 7:45pm
In shala or online (recordings available)
Starts February 3

AED 380
In the yoga tradition, the breath is said to carry a person’s life force. This course is designed to explore the realm of yoga through the lense of Pranayama – yogic breathing techniques.
It is a deep look at understanding, building, and directing energy through breathing techniques. By learning more about how our breath works, we can improve the quality and capacity of life force (prana) and move toward the attainment of fulfillment and freedom in our life —the ultimate goal of yoga.
  • Week One: Roots of Pranayama
  • Week Two: Types of Pranayama, Preparation for Pranayama (asanas and breathings) and practical on Pranayama technique
  • Week Three: Sequencing of Pranayama, their benefits and contraindications with practical learning .
  • Week Four: Pranayama for meditation with bandhas (locks) and how to apply them
Note: The Course will consist of a 30 minute theory lecture followed by 30 minute of practical Pranayama techniques.
Recordings are available if you miss a session. There is the option for joining mornings or evenings or online
Nilaya House - Purva Kaushal sitting in lotus